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Soul touching. Heart breaking. Touching and hard story. Presented realistically. I've been caring for my mom for 5 years....and you get so exhausted you just want ONE normal day. What an excellent message. Hopeful and difficult at the same time. Loving and painful...at the same time. Aggravating and gentle in one moment.
Dani Loving Cartwright - VP of Operations, National Benevolent Association Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


I really enjoyed it..if that’s the right word. It’s unique. You don’t see films where there is no easy answer - bordering on no answer at all. There are so many hidden gifts in the film. That is a real tribute to the film making. 

When the daughter is getting in the car to go out and not spend time with her father. She says to her mother, “He won’t even know who’s there. He won’t remember.” The message of the movie for me was the unspoken answer “But you will.”  I think that’s the point. If we are to be the author of our lives we want a good story - not one where we run and hide.  
Stephen Tobolowsky - Actor, Writer


This Day Forward took me on a ride of gut-wrenching sadness up to a place of strength, calm, clarity and truth.  Definitely not the ride I’d normally  hop on, but the journey will always be held deep down inside as a life lesson on grace, love and caring.  
Ellen Ginsburg - SVP Music Clearance, 20th Century Fox


God works in amazing and sometimes quite profound ways. He used the story of Mike and Jennifer and the Jensen family to unite an amazing cast and crew in a little town in Iowa - in hopes to share an amazing testimony to God’s Grace and Love; and a strong faith during a hard time. We all have times in life that are extremely difficult- “This Day Forward” helps us all remember that during these trials we all deal with things differently and yet in the end, our faith is the core of our strength. This movie has already changed lives- go see how God will use it in your life!  
Pastor Brian Miller - Waverly Grace Baptist Church.


What a powerful film! I was blown away by the depth and breadth of emotion conveyed in this real life story of a couple's enduring love in spite of all odds.  It took a filmmaker with Brian Ide's vision to pull off this tragic love story.  This film's transcendent love story is grounded in human reality with complicating notions of what it means to have faith when one's life is falling apart.   
Hannah Wilder - Communications Director, Episcopal Diocese of San Diego


My colleague and I both agreed that (This Day Forward) was the best film submitted to us in a very long time! 
Alexandra Smith - VP Programming & Acquisitions, Hallmark Channel


Touching, poignant, and 100% true, This Day Forward traces a family’s perilous and emotional journey as their faith is put to the ultimate test.  Hayden Wyatt and Randy Coleman are brilliant!  
Ed Begley Jr. - Actor


Driving home after “This Day Forward”, I found myself suddenly overcome with gratitude to be a part of the incredibly creative and spiritual community of All Saints’.   Told in a naturalistic, almost Azu-Like manner, it never forces a point on you, but rather ceases you gently into its spiritual dimension.  The movie is a gift which will inspire me for days to come.  
Ted Dodd - SVP Creative Affairs, 20th Century Fox


It was an unexpected pleasure to watch "This Day Forward" which manages to give a sense of nobility to the challenges facing one with a terminal disease where suffering is shared with the various communities touching a person's life.  This film provides a rare positive glimpse of the strength of friendship, family and faith...each of which heals in its own way.
Richard M. Walden - President of Operation USA


I especially admired (particularly given that this is, at heart, a church movie), that the theology was so open and frank.  The notion that G-d can handle your anger is not something you expect to hear— and it’s a truly profound message.  (At a Yom Kippur sermon when I was 19 or so, where I heard Rabbi Harold Kushner (before he’d become famous writing When Bad Things Happen to Good People), he said that not only should we ask forgiveness from G-d, but we should forgive G-d for making a world that has so much unfairness in it.  The concept opened up a world to me and a space for me — a space to have what Robert Frost called “a lover’s quarrel with G-d.”  In that same spirit,  I think this film will both reach and open up a space for so many struggling with faith in a world that is very, very hard to understand.

And in this the film offers no easy answers.  As a movie-goer, I was prepared for, perhaps even waiting for, the deus ex machina of a miracle recovery.  But, as a human, as someone who perhaps has some sense of Jenny’s world, it made the film harder and more real and more relatable to me.  There are no easy answers; there’s no thunder-clap miracle.  Rather, I think, the film let’s us find that perhaps G-d is present in those small moments of friendship, made vivid from the friends’ visit and made even more film pronounced in the musical performance at the end.  That Jenny struggles, that she is angry, that she is overwhelmed and exhausted and that, still bereft of answers, she finds grace in small moments, in the love of her family and friends and clergy, was real to me.  It is not the G-d of Charlton Heston’s Moses; but it is the ineffable G-d that is in our lives in a complicated world.

A last note. A dear friend recently suffered the unfathomably tragic loss of her college-age son.  Unsure of how or what to do, I offered to come by at a specific time and to do a specific thing, if it was helpful.  She later thanked me and said the specificity was helpful.  She said she had gotten so many offers of “let me know what you need,” that she didn’t even know how to approach implementing such an offer. By contrast, a specific offer to which a yes or no, thank you was sufficient, was helpful and burden-easing to her.  I thought of this when the clergy takes out Jenny’s garbage on her way out of the house.  

It was one of my favorite and, quite seriously, one of the most resonant moments of the film for me: We cannot understand G-d or the Universe that we live in or whether there is a Plan or how to ease or explain or make any sense of unimaginable illness and its profound consequences whose unfairness ripples throughout the lives of those it touches. But we can do what we can. We can be present. We can show up. And we can take out the garbage.


It was a moving and inspiring evening both in terms of the film itself and the story and community behind it.
Rev. David Farley - Director of Justice and Compassion Ministries, United Methodist Church


I am by no means a religious person, but the humanity of this picture — along with the excellent acting and production values — transcended any parochial differences. It is about the power of love, which I take to be the (too often ignored) essence of any faith. It was refreshing to see people acting like, and not just hypocritically posing as, Christians. 
Chris Curry - Actor


This Day Forward draws you in and envelopes you in a powerful journey that lingers long after the credits roll. 
Anonymous Executive, NBC Universal


The film IS amazing, powerful, uplifting and every performance in it is top notch. Hayden nailed it, delivering a heartfelt and touching portrayal that anyone can relate to. She gave love and honor to anyone that has ever had to deal with facing down a challenge like the Jensens have.  
Alfred Hopton - Publicist


A compelling story of a wife and mother of three trying to hold her family and her faith together when her husband is diagnosed with brain cancer. At the heart of the story is discovering God’s presence and the support of church and friends when life falls apart and when answers don’t come easily…I am thrilled to be connected with a church which sets out to tell compelling stories where honest and deep faith meets up with real life challenges.  
Rev. Dr. Bob Dannals - Interim Rector, All Saints’ Church, Beverly Hills


It’s a very moving piece. The actors’ commitment to what they were doing outweighed their lack of experience. But you know, the most interesting thing to me is how a liberal church in Beverly Hills reached out and connected to a community deep in the heart of Trump country. That’s a story.
Joel Rudnick - Retired Agent


What a tremendous body of work this turned out to be, your work associated w/the film is truly appreciated! I kept going back and forth on seeing this because i didn't want to watch a "christian propaganda fluff piece." I told myself keep an open mind and lets see what this as to offer. Let's have some “faith" that perhaps this film will be thinking outside the box. The story, the actors, God Bless Randy Coleman!!! The music, the production team, all made for a truly heartwarming, realistic, NON PREACHY film. Focusing instead on ones individual ideas of FAITH & HOPE and what that means to them. It is my HOPE moving forward that its message can be shared w/a much larger audience & be a comfort to those going through their own personal crisis. 
Joseph Costello - Los Angeles


As a fifty year veteran of the film business, I was struck by the high quality of This Day Forward, that they achieved with a very small budget. The acting was superb, particularly by the the two leads, Hayden Wyatt and Randy Coleman. It is an inspiring story well told. It is uplifting without being saccharine. A fine balancing act by the director Brian Ide and producers Spero Stamboulis and Aimee Ng.  
Steve Eastin - Actor & Owner, Steve Eastin Studio


This Day Forward is as good as it gets. A very fine true story film that so beautifully exemplifies courage and faith along with humor and hope of an extraordinary family. Brian Ide and his crew, the lead actors and all of the supporting cast were an hour to each of their talents and to this deeply compelling story.  
Jean Hale - Actress & Producer


Absolutely amazing. A must see regardless of faith. Cast was incredible. From joy, to tears, this film had the perfect arc on a story about a family and community coming together for the love of someone. A film that society needs right now as we are easily swayed towards materialism versus the true meaning of life…love.  
Dominic Pace - Actor


The story of the Jensens and how they've dealt with the diagnosis of Mike's brain cancer is wonderfully told in this movie. Seeing behind the smiles of their everyday life brings you into their world and helps you see how crippling the disease can be, not only for Mike, but for his family and his friends.  
Annette Rubin - Waterloo, IA


Well written, well directed and presented in such a manner as to inspire anyone who takes the time to see it. A great, humane story of how a community comes together to help and make a difference through love and belief. Finely crafted performances and realistic characterizations make this movie a truly special experience. It serves also as a great example on how to produce a movie on a limited budget that really matters and rewards the audience with a lasting impression. It gripped me and left me inspired.   
Alexander Denk - Producer