This Day Forward

"What if? What if we could film a movie
that truly impacted people's lives?
What if we could tell a story
that embraced an honest journey of faith?"

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"Told in a naturalistic, almost Azu-like manner, it never forces a point on you, but rather eases you gently into its spiritual dimension. The movie is a gift which will inspire me for days to come."


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Story of Struggle Comes to the Big Screen

"I knew God was using him for something, I just had to find out how."


Hollywood Shines Light on Local Family's Story

"This Day Forward captures the ups and downs of life; the faith, family, and love that carry us through."


"You don't see films where there is no easy answer — bordering on no answer at all. There are many hidden gifts in the film. When the daughter is getting in the car to go out and not spend time with her father. She says to her mother, 'He won't even know who's there. He won't remember.' The message of the movie for me was the unspoken answer, 'But you will.' I think that's the point. If we are to be the author of our lives, we want a good story — not one where we run and hide."


"This Day Forward manages to give a sense of nobility to the challenges facing one with a terminal disease where suffering is shared with the various communities touching a person's life. The film provides a rare positive glimpse of the strength of friendship, family, and faith...each of which heals in its own way."


"Hayden Wyatt and Randy Coleman are brilliant!"


"A very moving piece."




"The film IS amazing, powerful, uplifting, and every performance in it is top notch. Hayden Wyatt gave love and honor to anyone that has ever had to deal with facing down a challenge like the Jensens have."

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Waverly Family's Story of Cancer, Faith to Premiere on Big Screen

"The film will tell the true story of a wife and mother of three, struggling to keep her family, and her faith, intact after her husband is diagnosed with a stage three brain tumor."


"It was refreshing to see people acting like, and not just hypocritically posing as Christians."


"This Day Forward is a beautifully told story about doubt and faith, and suffering and love. It breaks your heart and it lifts it high with hope."


"This Day Forward took me on a ride of gut-wrenching sadness up to a place of strength, calm, clarity, and truth. Definitely not the ride I'd normally hop on, but the journey will always be held deep down inside as a life lesson on grace, love, and caring."


"It beautifully exemplifies courage and faith..."



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"This film's transcendent love story is grounded in human reality with complicating notions of what it means to have faith when one's life is falling apart."


"We all have times in life that are extremely difficult — This Day Forward helps us all remember that during these trials we all deal with things differently and yet in the end, our faith is the core of our strength."


"It was moving and inspiring both in terms of the film itself and the story and community behind it."

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"This Day Forward," film shot in Waverly by director with Iowa ties, opens soon

"Something that hopefully spoke to people who were really wrestling with their faith or things in their life that challenge their faith, and for them to realize that's they'll feel a little less alone in their journey."

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"A brutal and beautiful love story that will open your heart."