What happens when faith and fear collide?

 When the unimaginable hits you? When you aren't able to pray away the problem?


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This Day Forward is a film that allows us to wrestle with these very big, very scary...and ultimately very real questions. Mike Jensen — loving husband, father, and devoted worship leader — was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 38. We were inspired to  shine a light on his story because we honestly didn't know how someone could stand in front of a thousand people every Sunday morning and sing about the Glory of God as his life was being ripped away from him.

Unlike a lot of faith-based stories, This Day Forward doesn't provide easy answers. Ours is a film that takes seed in your heart, allowing everyone who sees it to connect with it in their own way, and prompts important discussion about what living a life in faith and community is all bout.

Our film was funded by a handful of donors seeking to tell honest stories about living a life of grace and faith. 100% of our profits go directly towards our goal of sharing this film nationally, telling more stories like this one, and assisting the Jensen family with their medical debts.

Want to become a part of our Mission? Donating is easy! 

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Zombie Roadtrip!

Ok, so there aren't any zombies. Our movie doesn't have famous actors, huge explosions, aliens, zombies, or superheroes (all fun things to watch on the big screen, of course!)...so we're promoting its national release in our own creative ways. To do that, we need to raise funds to pay for things like theater fees, a marketing campaign, publicists, distribution, and a whole lot more (estimated at about $175,000...gulp). So we're turning to our past, present, and future band of faith warriors to help us raise at least $50,000 of the total amount. And we're prepping a road trip to do it!

While the road trip is expected to be as zombie-free as our film, we're excited to be hitting the road and touring the country as part of our grassroots campaign to expand the This Day Forward's message! We're currently booking venues to screen the film all over the US where it can inspire meaningful dialogue. At least one member of either our cast, production team, or the amazing Jensen family will be on hand at each screening!

Click the button below if you're interested in booking a screening...and you can always text THISDAYFORWARD to 243725 and pick any amount to help out in your own individual way!

On Miracles

Whether you believe in them or not (and we're cool with that, either way), we can't help but feel that the making this movie was a miracle in more than just one way. Now, we're turning to you for just one more: Join us. Be a part of our miraculous journey. Literally ANY amount you might be able to donate will be used meaningfully, with integrity and intention.

To donate, just text THISDAYFORWARD to 243725 and choose any amount. It's that easy!

Thank you for supporting what we do, in whatever way you're called to do so. And, if nothing else, in this crazy, divided world, consider some advice from the wise and wonderful inspiration for our film, Mike Jensen: "ELE!" Everybody, love everybody. Hard to argue with that one!